ITE HCMC sees to it that every exhibitor makes business. Below are some of the tips you could use to maximize your participation at the event.

1. Plan Your Stand

Create impact and attract more visitors to your booth by choosing your preferred location, best size and stand design that best represent your brand. ITE HCMC is a busy trade floor and the image on how you present your organisation through your stand is important. 

2. Book Your Participation Early

Confirming your participation at an early date helps tremendously. Below are some of the value-adds you could expect by signing-up early. Click here to book your space.

1. You may enjoy Early Bird Discounts (subject to deadlines).

2. Priority Booth Locations

3. Exclusive Advanced Buyer-Seller Matchmaking Advantage

4. Free Pre-Show Marketing and Publicity

5. You get to properly plan on your strategy before and during the event.

3. Tell People About Your Presence

Most exhibitors overlook this simple and very effective tactic. Research has shown that the most successful exhibitors were the ones that informs and invites their existing and potential clients and customers before the show. Do the following before ITE HCMC:

Sales Call and/or email are effective. Invite your partners and potential clients to meet them during the event for an appointment. If you are an existing exhibitor, Click here to contact our marketing team for support.

Kindly include the following on your invites:

1.The Show name

2. Dates and Time

3. Location

4. How to register free as a trade visitor

5. Your Stand number

6. What you will be showing

7. Offer to make an appointed time to meet them at your stand 

Use attractive banners about your presence at ITE HCMC. You could use this banner below your email signature. 

Include in some of your own advertisements in industry publications leading up to the Show. Include a 'See us on Stand XYZ' flag on your advertisements which is an effective way to notify the industry that you will be at the Show and tell them where they can find you. 

Promote on your website about your presence at the show. You may not know who is coming and it would be great to meet your potential clients personally if they are dropping by at the event too. Link your website to the ITE HCMC website. This link can be typed in as is or you could display the banner linked to ITE HCMC website. 

4. Don't Forget Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is an extremely cost-effective way to totally maximise your exposure and branding before, during and even after an exhibition. ITE HCMC offers many options that meet your goals. We could customise a package that fits your requirements. Some of the best sponsorships are custom-made programmes designed by both the organiser and sponsor.

Talk to our Sponsorship Team now. Tell us your goals and your budget. The only limit is your imagination. Click here to find out more.

5. Advertise Before, During and After ITE HCMC

Some advertisements are packaged and are already included in some sponsorship options. But if stand-alone advertisement and promotion is what you are looking for, then our team can definitely work out what is the best way to achieve your goals.

6. ITE Matching System (Online Pre-Appointment System)

Aside from your own efforts inviting your potential and existing clients to visit your booth at the event, ITE HCMC also provide an online portal where Buyers and Sellers could arrange appointments before the show. Confirming your space early gives you the added advantage to select and shortlist the buyers that match your business before their meeting slots gets full.